Queensland’s hidden beaches

Queensland is definitely a jewel in Australia’€™s crown. There is no coastline that can compare to this area, with its sparkling blue waters, pleasant temperatures and beautiful array of wildlife€“ from trees to koalas. There is much to see and do here, but some of the most fantastic places to visit in Queensland are hidden along the coastline. The diamonds in the rough. The secret coves and inlets that tourists aren€™’t aware of. It is one of the greatest pleasures of a road trip enthusiast or simply someone looking for a unique place to visit to find these hidden gems of the Queensland coastline.

The Great Green Way

One place to visit is the Great Green Way. It’s great, it’s green and it’s certainly out of the way. This road will take you through little known towns and tourist attractions that are less traveled but unique and quaint. You will pass through beautiful can fields, lush foliage and countryside abundant with exotic wildlife before looking down over a secluded inlet with glassy blue water. At one end there is a rocky bay at the other a large plateau of lush vegetation. Getting to this beautiful place is easy, you can book your hotel through Expedia to Cairns just a few months before your set date. If you are flying from out of the country, make sure to keep an eye on when tickets go down.

On your way south towards Mission Beach, heading towards the Great Barrier Reef, you will find yourself in Bingal Bay. It is a completely hidden treasure trove in the midst of the long journey. It is a dream-like inlet with foliage to rival that of a tropical island. The secluded beach here holds absolutely no commercial businesses. Down the road a bit there is a small strip of basic amenities, but that’s all. It is the perfect place to hold a picnic during your drive. Just pull over, take out a blanket and eat a small snack. The ocean breeze and the small crabs scurrying over the rocks will entertain you, as will the soft roll of the waves on the shore.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is just down the road from the lovely Bingal Bay. It is one of the more popular attractions, but it retains a laidback, casual feel, complete with swaying palm trees and easy going tourists. It is known for its environmental importance in its preservation of the beautiful forests that surround the area. Visit Piccolo’s for dinner and enjoy the ocean view as you eat some great tropical seafood.

Hinchinbrook Island

The next day, wake up and visit this magical place. The journey there is fantastic in itself, providing views of the locals fishing and the wildlife going about their daily activities around the seashore. Once you arrive on the island you’ll be able to take a day tour that allows you explore the trails, forests and waterfalls of the island.

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