Promotional Pen

One of the most effective forms of marketing is to be a constant reminder to your clients. The best way to facilitate this is to provide promotional objects that the client can use in their day-to-day activities. Two such items are promotional pens and gifts. Pens and gifts have the potential to provide great financial return on investment, as well as an often permanent vehicle for uniquely advertising a business.

A promotional pen is both one of the most focused and economical marketing tool. For example, personalized pens can be bought in bulk, often for pennies per pen. The pens are customized with the personal message or contact information of the business. Often, the most effective promotional pen is that which has the most simple message (such as business name, contact information, and slogan, if applicable).

Promotional pens are unique advertising tools in that they not only will be used by the client. In fact, by providing pens in bulk to your clients, they might then lend or give the pens to their customers. Pens are then not only a direct marketing tool, but a networking device. And then, there are the occasions where pens have been “left behind,” and are picked up by a bystander.

In addition to the portable marketability of promotional pens, clients can also be given gifts direct from your business. By utilizing promotional gifts, the business is projecting a message of gratitude to the client, while at the same time preserving a new vehicle for advertising. Some of the more effective promotional gifts are permanent, and can find a purpose in the client’s own business. For example, a paperweight with a business name and contact information will find use for a client. Similar options are pen containers, calendars, or even stress balls.

If office items aren’t a facet of your business, tokens of gratitude, such as gift certificates or baskets, can both display your contact information and project your individual message. The key is to ensure your contact information is attached to the gift, hopefully in more than one location. It is also important to ensure that the quality of the gift correlates with the client’s status in the business. For example, sending the same gift to the largest and smallest client would not be considered appropriate. An additional strategy could be to have the item delivered along with a few business cards. Further, one can call the client and ensure that the gift was received, to close the loop of communication.

Utilizing such marketing vehicles will provide constant advertisement if used effectively. These return on investment for these items has quite a bit of potential. Promotional pens and gifts are permanent marketing tools which not only portray a message of thanks to your clients, but also a portable means of advertisement.


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