Places to Eat and Drink in Australia

As a multi-cultural society and a melting pot of civilizations, and thanks to colonization, Australia has an extremely eclectic cuisine that is a combination of a wide variety of influences. Australia is mainly known for it’s rich flora and fauna and untouched nature, but not a lot of people know that Australian cuisine is something special and that it has, over the years, transformed and evolved in many different ways. The land down under is one of the top gourmet destinations in the world and that’s why in this article we will be focusing on the best places to eat & drink in Australia.

The Evolution of Australian Cuisine

What helped shape what we now refer to as Australian cuisine was an influx of migrants from America and Europe, especially during gold rushes. However, during the early colonial days there was arguably even more creativity and innovation in cooking. Native fruits, nuts and vegetables were an integral part of Australian cuisine back then. European and American migrants brought coffee, alcoholic beverages and different spices. It can be said that, without a shadow of a doubt, this type of innovation is what created many new recipes that are prepared and consumed even until this day.

Restaurant Lurleen's Sirromet Winery

After the second world war there was another wave of migrants, practically from all over the world, looking to build a better life in Australia. This has, in return brought even more new ingredients and flavors. Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, Chinese and African influences are noticeable in Australian cuisine and they are, essentially, what’s helped define it over the years. This is part of the reason Australian chefs are prone to experimentation and innovation, which has brought many of them fame, as well as notoriety, internationally.

What To Do and What To Eat in Australia?

Restaurants, pubs, cafes, tea rooms, beach bars, picnics, barbecues…Australians are creative when it comes to where they consume their food and drinks. Perhaps this too was born because of different influences from other cultures and civilizations, but it is now an integral part of Australian culture as a whole.

Since it’s warm in Australia, most of the year, people are used to dining outside and in open spaces. Ever since the early 1920s Australians have been barbecuing their food and it’s safe to say that barbecues are important for the Australian cuisine. Meat and vegetables both are barbecued and prepared outside. Kangaroo meat, turtles and oysters are common ingredients in a lot of Australian dishes. Granted, they may seem a bit exotic to an outsider, but if you ever visit Australia, you may want to give it a shot, since that is a true, organic, typically Australian, one of a kind culinary experience.

There is a wide variety of restaurants, scattered all over Australia that are worth paying a visit to, although some of them have somewhat exotic menus, in Australia you will be able to find dishes that you find all over the world, prepared the Australian way. That is, essentially, what makes Australian cuisine so special and different.

Another thing that contributes to Australian cuisine’s worldwide reputation is the fact that even the most popular Australian dishes vary greatly, depending on the region, area and the city. To visitors and tourists, this is obvious. Even the simplest meals are prepared and consumed differently in different parts of Australia.


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