National Parks

Tasman National Park

Plan your next camping trip in Tasman National Park on the beautiful secluded bay of Tasmania. Visit the cliff-edged Fortescue Bay Fish and view the spectacular coastal scenery. Go boating and snorkeling in the serene waters. Listen to the wild pounding surf while driving along the pristine silver beaches. Take walks on the coast and explore the amazing convict ruins.

Great Otway National Park

Heavenly picturesque scenery awaits Great Otway National Park visitors as their excursions meander down the twisting Great Ocean road revealing tantalizing visual delights with each turn. Experience the cooling majestic flow of the Stevenson or fabled Triplet waterfalls, watch sunsets shimmering across waters from coastline campsites at Blanket Bay. Trek along legendary trails winding through ancient gigantic rainforests, swim among historic shipwrecks. Koalas and kookaburras are among the many native flora and fauna species who anticipate welcoming you as respectful guests to their home.


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