Create a Budget

If you have a job in your field, making the income you planned for, long term budgeting may be easier. If not, you will have to budget based on the income you are able to earn. Budgets should list the necessities first, food, clothing, and shelter. Even if you have not received your loan payments, start putting an amount aside in the budget to get used to living without that amount monthly. Try estimating a higher amount than you think you will need. It is always easier to live with more money later, than less.

Once the basic financial needs are met, the world holds many more opportunities. It is easier to relocate, to travel, and to try new jobs out of attraction, not income requirements. Career planning is at the core of this freedom. Utilizing college career centers for job placement, employment skills, and alumni and employer networking is critical. Employment is the solution to having the financial freedom to pursue your dreams


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