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The struggles a first-year university student faces

The first year at university is a difficult one in many ways. First, being away from home is a new challenge, whether your university is one city away or in Australia. Second, new expectations from professors and others around the student can be overwhelming. The most important thing to remember is that new experiences don’t have to be frightening or overwhelming. This is only the first challenge of many to come, and they are all well within your ability to handle.

There are tips that can help.
When living away from home, it is important to remember that bills need to be paid and the house needs to be cared for on a regular basis. Once you find a place to live, it will be necessary to determine what method will be used for paying all the house-related bills. Meet with housemates to determine the best avenue to take for bill-paying and remember to stick to it and make sure all other housemates do as well. Also delegate responsibilities to all who live there in order to maintain an inhabitable home.

Next, explore the university and all the features it has to offer. There may be free programs or services available to students. Determine what these are and what you can best use and begin utilizing those programs and services as soon as possible. Make them part of your routine to minimize cost now; you will be thankful for it later.
Finally, use all resources made available through the university, which include the academic advisor assigned to you, the groups you are assigned or have available to you and the university library or other research venues. Then branch out to find resources on the Internet that may help you successfully complete your time as a university student.
As just one example, the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, offers access to extensive research facilities as well as a rich culture in the surrounding city. As the country’s commercial capital, Sydney is an ideal location to experience the world and university life. This may be why it draws students from across the world. However, regardless of whether you want to travel far or near for your university experience, remember to take the time to learn and to enjoy the experience.

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